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Personality Marketing and Full-On Confidence for Talented Entrepreneurs

Private 1:1 coaching
with Cristina Lark

You have a message to spread. You have a service to offer. And you're f*cking good at it.

But nobody probably knows it because as soon as you were done recording your video or publishing your livestream, you looked at the first 30 seconds of it, just cringed, and deleted it before anyone else could see it.

Or you've followed all the "successful coaches' blueprints", and next thing you know, your message is diluted in a sea of clone content.

You spend your days on Facebook posting that A-to-B #vulnerability text, but all you get is condescending encouragement (from other women who are only commenting as part of their own engagement strategy), or worse: unsolicited advice, like you're a newb with no idea.

You joined free confidence challenges and now that you're finally comfortable hitting "rec", you have no idea what to say or how to say it, and that random person on that Facebook group said "Well done!", but you still got ZERO SALES from the effort.

All that "nomad" lifestyle becomes more and more of an impossible dream, and your 1-2 paid clients start becoming a faded memory of the glories of yore...

It's time to start putting your talent to work, and to stand out.
It's time to be seen as the expert you are and get people asking to work with you.

"Yeah, but how are you different?"

- you ask.

Not only am I a certified coach, but I have a unique combination of Marketing and Branding corporate experience + years of practicing and studying Acting, Directing, Writing, and teaching & coaching actors and non-actors.

I've studied for years to improve my natural clinical eye for bullshit (that's where the acting, directing and teaching training and work experience comes), and I'm known for calling people on their BS in a constructive, respectful, fun-to-receive (and breakthrough-inducing NAILING AF) way.

Plus my creative writing awards and nominations give YOU the advantage of creating content that is not phony, cringeworthy, or a downright snoozefest. That is, content that essentially works. Captivating, memorable, and converting.


Please only apply to work with me 1:1 if you have...
- a service-based business and you're TALENTED AF in the service you provide
- a positive can-do attitude, an open mind about stretching your own horizons and capabilities
- the drive to put on the work! (this is not a done-for-you salon shampoo where you sit and relax and I do all the work)
- a great sense of humor, a non-diva, non-phony, non-snowflake, non-victim take on life.
- already decided that you're ready to invest and want to work with me specifically.

Payment plans for the 4-month retainer are:
US$ 5,599 in full or 4x US$ 1,499 /mo

As I'm against "blueprints" (because #flashnews, when it comes to any non-tech stuff, there's not such a thing), our time together will be spent doing 100% bespoke activities.

There's no "method" or "program" because:

- How can I make my first month about "mindset", if your problem is NOT mindset? Or if you're done with the mindset brush up in 2 weeks, or need a mindset boost session at some point by month 3?

- How can I make my second month about "confidence of camera", if your stumbling block is not that you're not confident, but that maybe you're trying to be something you're not and don't even realize it?

- How can I offer a set session about "getting rid of your overwhelm", if you need a total rebranding makeover, but you're super organized and chilled about that?

You get the idea. 

So yes, regardless if you have done pre-recorded webinars before (and maybe even had a couple of clients to make ends meet), but want to up your game and focus on LIVE and that's a little threatening...

Or if you post livestream after livestream on social media and only hear crickets and you need to find a way to get noticed by potential clients, like, NOW...

Regardless if you're at a point where you ask yourself:

"What if I mess up, don't know the answer to a question, someone discredits me...",


"OMG I'm such an introvert, I can only talk to clients 1:1 after I already have them, but I can't possibly go and put my face out there"...


"Ok, I've been trying to use common sense here, I've done lives, I've done challenges, I've done research, I've bought courses... WHAT'S MISSING??

We will address your case particularly, and come up with a strategy that only works FOR YOU. Because no one else can't possibly pull it off the way you do.

Like, someone tries to copy you, and you go "Yeah... good luck, kid".


Get known. Get remembered.

Get paid!

Private 1:1 coaching
with Cristina Lark

with Cristina Lark