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Hi, I'm Cristina Lark, and I help talented online service providers to stand out in a sea of boring AF content, get remembered, get renowned and get clients requesting to work with them, so they can live the life of their dreams and impact others.

I'm an online biz founder, digital nomad, freedom lifestyle ambassador, YouTube creator, and definitely not 3 kids stacked in a trench coach. I've been location independent since 2016, I've lived in 4 countries and visited 34 (so far!), even with an active career as an actress (yes, it's possible!)

But how do you even start making this dream happen?

Places in the world where I've been


I'm sure you don't need the #FOMO, so I'm only here telling you about my location independet business, international work and globetrotting story to say that it didn't happen by chance, my parents are not rich, and this was far from being the "natural" path. Like it's probably your case too!

You can develop a thriving biz, a strong brand, and live the life experiences of your dreams. This is the story of how it happened for me, and some valuable learnings I've collected on the road...

Reference is everything

Back in the day, I had learned that the path to success was:

study > do well in college > land a job in a multinational corporation > work there for 50 years > enjoy life in your retirement.

And that to be anything else you'd need to have been blessed with some sort of divine talent or be filthy rich.

I was surrounded by so many people for whom this was exactly the plan, the ultimate and incontestable definition of success, that my Authentic Voice started to silence.

Maybe your passion is not within the "traditional path" of the corporate ladder.

And whatever is it that you want to do instead, you've been hearing for a while that "you haven't gone to college for that".

I get you. This is my academic background:

· 2 BA Hons: in Advertising and in Theatre Pedagogy
· Masters Degree in Text & Performance
· Personal and Professional Development Coaching qualification
· Several marketing and branding courses
· YouTube Certified
· (and a couple of awards)

I started working in an advertising agency (Mad Men style) as a creative copywriter even before I finished college. Then I got offered a job in a multinational corporation, and everyone around me convinced me this was the proper way. More money. More status. A more serious setup.

Serious. Me!

I was happy because the selected trainees that year (30 out of 3,000 applicants!) would be taken to an induction in Mexico. Wow, I'd never been to Mexico, that would be so cool!

It happened. Then we came back. And I realized that... my job there was done. All I wanted from that company was that trip to Mexico.

I looked around that office, and realized I had never signed up for a life where you work 9 to 6 (or 7, or 8) for someone else.

All those degrees and praise, to end up in an office where straight guys did "Top 10 hotties of the office" and the gay guys did "Top 10 best dressed in the office", and the women were trying to fit in.

An office where the most thrilling discussion you ever witnessed was about the last contestant eliminated from Big Brother. Oh, and office gossip.

I wanted to travel the world, follow my passions, and most importantly, not need to change who I am in order to make money.

I needed an environment where I didn't have to apologize for being myself

My first daring action was to quit my 9-to-5 to work as an actor. Yes! It was a life-long dream, and it wasn't going to realize itself.

And the journey into being free to be who I really am was only beginning...

Nothing beats being yourself. Authentically.

Even in a career as artistic as acting, when you work for others, you can spend your life hearing people trying to fit you into their expectations:

- Try to be more Brazilian! (🤨 ?!)
- Try to sound more Spanish!
- Your ID says you're too old!
- Your face says you're too young!
- Sorry, this role is only for white people (?!)
- Are you sure you're Brazilian? You're too white (?!)
- Are you sure you're Spanish? You're not white enough (?!)

That's why I decided to write my own material, including webseries, comedy shows and YouTube channels.

And you know what? It worked.

You can read more about what fascinates me about acting and being an actor here, in this short text that I called "What's more exciting than fame?"

But the main lesson to be learned from an artistic career is that other people's opinion doesn't define talent, and doesn't necessarily sets people up for success. 

Uncountable actors don't see this, and spend decades "waiting for the call", waiting for someone to see them fitting in their projects, and end up giving up and applying for that manager position in their day job.

It's not just the coaching market. The yoga market. The VA or Social Media market. E-V-E-R-Y market is saturated. #sorrytobreakittoyou

And how can people choose you, if your only strategy is "doing what everyone else is doing because this is how things work"?

I only got awards when I wrote my own stuff. When I teamed up with other creative, entrepreneurial people (yes, even in the artistic field). Even after I heard that "I should take that work and go back to my country" and that it was "confusing that a show that was not about being a foreigner had a foreigner in the lead role" by the same people who would offer or not offer me auditions based solely on how "white" they thought I was.

I was finally in control of my work and my career.

I only grew a YouTube channel, and then another one, when I started to offer something no one else was offering.

My first channel was teaching aspiring actors what NOT to do when it comes to trying to get an acting job. It spread like wildfire, and got so many comments of people thanking me for finally "casting a light" on their doubts and questions. And so many followers who weren't actors or aspiring actors, but commented saying they loved "my sarcasm and acid sense of humor".

And even when the channel barely had 600 people, I was invited to run in-person workshops, that sold out at $200/head! (so that's what YouTube can get you even before you start earning from Google monetization)

My second YouTube channel started up with a series of 4 videos about toxic relationships with individuals of cluster B personality disorders (since I myself was in a relationship with one), 2 years after I broke up and finally could talk about it from a place of information and even humor, and it got so popular so fast, that I started getting income from it within 6 months.

My dream of legally working in Australia came true when I wrote a show and it got booked by 2 big venues in Adelaide. I even got spontaneous press!

And my problem with doing something that had zero meaning, like I did in my corporate job, was finally long gone, when my students (because yes, from my early years as an assistant director in the drama school where I was studying, I got a thrill from helping people have that A-HA moment, unleash their true selves, be confident, express their creativity, and achieve much more in life) starting asking if I would work 1:1 with them.

Without support, it takes you years to get there.

Starting to work with what I love and being free to be who I am during my work hours was only the beginning. I was so sucked into the vortex of routine that I had completely forgotten my ultimate dream of traveling the world. 

At some point, 4 years into an abusive relationship (gladly the end of it), I realized something.

I realized that every day, there are people setting out to live the same dreams you have, and they make these dreams true for themselves, and there are people who will always postpone and find an excuse not to. I got terrified at the idea that I might be with the latter group. 

I was waiting to have the proper group of friends to do it with. The proper invitation by my partner (which happened, and if you know a bit about cluster B individuals, you know that this is called "future faking", only a manipulation maneuver to keep you hooked, with zero intention to actually do it). The ideal set of circumstances falling on my lap. And that was never going to happen. Or ir might or might not happen, but how much longer was I willing to just passively wait?

And I decided it was time to start living my life with the same passion I had before all the "no's", "it's impossible's", and "it's not for you's".

I decided it was time for me to go make my dream happen, alone.


I left London with a one-way ticket to Bangkok and the first night of hostel booked. Nothing else planned.

- 10 months, 9 countries
- thousands of km riding a motorbike 
- tenths of km walking with a backpack on and a guitar  
- some epic hikes hitched, couches surfed, overnight buses saving on accommodation, shared breakfasts consisting of fresh market food on the road

... and a fair share of glorious, humbling sunsets and nature at its full might.

I swam with the plankton.
It's like swimming in the stars, among the stars, and them dancing around you.
No hippie talk, this was something my mind had never, ever conceived not even in a fantasy movie.

I jumped from a boat.
I jumped from a cliff.
I hitch hiked alone.

Learning how to ride a motorbike itself was something I never thought I'd do. I felt so free and badass doing it (and of course I took a course, I did it responsibly).

I did scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef, with the stingrays and TURTLES!
This was also a massive overcoming of a fear - no, TRAUMA that I was carrying since I was 18, after a negligent trainer almost caused my hearing loss. 

I had amazing experiences and met amazing people. I learned so many things, from juggling multiple currencies, saying 3 or 4 words in over 5 new languages, letting go of unwanted people, and also letting go of wanted people.
I reconnected with being strong and with facing danger with fierce eyes, and with the explorer/adventurer I always felt I was as a kid. I want to thank so many locals whose name I never knew, who helped out of pure kindness with no agenda whatsoever, whenever I was in need. And so many travelers who will be forever in my memory.


This could have happened so much faster if I had the support and guidance not only to:


but also to


Everyone has their own lifestyle preferences and life priorities, but one thing is for certain: it always feels right when you're living your authentic dream. I needed this journey to start helping others as well, empowering people to take back the reins of their lives.

Being a trained actress and a coach (with a background in creative copywriting and brand marketing) makes my skill set unique when it comes to: 
- business consulting
- creating content that is not phony, cringeworthy, or a downright snoozefest
- and calling clients on their bullshit in a constructive, respectful, fun (and NAILING AF) way.

For me, it all comes down to helping people to get back in touch with their inner truth and be Free to Exist. For my clients, it means super-engaging content, more recognition, more ideal clients, more money, more dreams coming true!

You only have one life

Make it count!

with Cristina Lark