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Never take negative advice

from people who've never done what you're trying to do

I've always wanted to travel the world.

I remember when I was 14, instead of a big "sweet 16" party, I wanted to travel. 
My mom said that it was a dangerous world and I was too young and traveling alone was crazy and out of question. 

I had one of those cork panels in my room, but instead of boy band cut-outs, I had it bordered with little flags from as many countries as would fit, I drew them all myself. 

I grew up feeling like I was just spinning in the vortex of society: study, get in a top league university, land a job in a multinational corporation, work hard to be promoted, marry and buy a house, and if you're lucky you can take the kids to Disneyworld for 2-3 weeks a year. 
I was surrounded by so many people for whom this was exactly the plan, the ultimate and incontestable definition of success, that my Authentic Voice started to silence. 

But I knew that my tribe had to be somewhere. "My kind of people" couldn't just be "something you only see in the movies". 
I eventually moved to Barcelona to follow a dream, but I had no idea how to go about it. I spent 4 years there. Then I moved to London. And after 5 years, I realized I had just been swapping one city for the other, but the lifestyle was exactly the same: wake up. Go to work. Go back home. Unwind. Sleep. Rinse. Repeat. 

Something major had to happen to shake me and slap me back to life: I realized, from the bottom of a very dark pit (metaphoric, though), that I had been for 4 years with a psychopath. 

Snapping out of that toxic relationship awakened me. 
I realized that every day, there are people setting out to live the same dreams I have and make them true for themselves, and there are people who will always postpone and find an excuse not to. I got terrified at the idea that I might be with the latter group. 

And I decided it was time to start living my life with the same passion I had before all the "no's", "it's impossible's", and "it's not for you's". 
Today I'm extremely happy, because I finally quit my 9-to-6 (or 7...) job and set free to travel the world. 
I've backpacked for a whole year, I've been to 9 different countries since, and I have no intention of "going back home" (wherever that is, at this point), anytime soon.
I've been much happier as a digital nomad than I'd been in any sleek, high-end office, and I even worked as an actress, workshop facilitator and theatre director in many countries, from the UK, to Spain, to Brazil to Australia!
Everyone has their own lifestyle preferences and life priorities, but one thing is for certain: it always feels right when you're living your authentic dream. I needed this journey to start helping others as well, empowering people to take back the reins of their lives. 
Today, besides an actress, I'm also a coach, helping people to get back in touch with their inner truth and be Free to Exist. 

Everyone has their own desert to cross. May your journey leave footprints wherever you want to imprint your foot!

Places in the world where I've been


When your "profession" is not just a word

Iā€™m a Freeedom Coach, a Bespoke Authentic Storytelling Strategist + Public Speaking Trainer

šŸ‘‰ (Public speaking = ALSO anything camera: livestreams, online courses, webinars interviews, etc. even podcasts)
šŸ‘‰ (Training = confidence, skills, technique, delivery, charisma, authenticity, etc).
šŸ‘‰ (Storytelling = your content from snooze-fest or non-existent to delightful and ever-flowing)

šŸ”„āš” And I help entrepreneurs to step into their leadership so they can grow their audience, inspire their tribe, increase their influence and their income whilst being fearlessly aligned.

šŸ˜Ž WHY am I a rebel?

šŸŽø I quit my 9-5 to become an actress
šŸŽø I stopped playing the "industry" game and started writing my own material and booking my own gigs (**CHECK ME OUT IN AUSTRALIA šŸ˜ in March, on my new comedy show about PROCRASTINATION**, info on my profile pic)
šŸŽø I quit multiple jobs and went traveling the world for a year - whilst building my online biz
šŸŽø I'm absolutely PASSIONATE about pulling people out of the Matrix. I LIVE to see their transformation into fearless free-spirits full of nerve and charisma, beaming with authenticity, making life choices of any kind based on their primal guts and inner authentic voice, not based on resignation, others' expectations, others' hypothetical opinions. Speaking in public like what they say matters, like their message will inspire others.
šŸŽø I have no time for phoniness, personas or "protective" social masks, and life is happier when you break free from this second-guess or self-doubt or mold shell and unleash your badass power.

You only have one life

Make it count!

with Cristina Lark