Life is too short to be the fake you.

Have you ever had the sensation that the week went by too fast, or the month, or the year, and next thing you know 5 years have passed (or 10!) and you feel like you haven't made any progress with your life?



I'm Cris, by the way. I'm a digital nomad, freedom ambassador and adventure junkie.


And though
inside I was always like that, I wish I had started LIVING IT earlier.

Back in the day, I had learned that the path to success was study > stand out in college > land a job in a multinational corporation > work there for 50 years > enjoy life in your retirement.


And that to be anything else you'd need to have been blessed with some sort of divine talent or be filthy rich.

Today I travel the world (my life-long dream!) making my mission to show people they can work and live with PURPOSE and FREEDOM, according to their own design, and become the REAL version of themselves.

You only have one life, MAKE IT COUNT!

Tell me how!

They worked with me and they did it!

“Cris showed me a new way of seeing the situation I was living professionally, and helped me find strategies that in a short time changed the reality of that moment. I met Cris in a moment of strong crisis, I was totally disheartened professionally. Working with her, I came up with strategies that brought me new perspectives and many clients… Gratitude is the word that translates my feelings at this present time!"


- Dalvina R., private coaching

“I will bring to life ideas and knowledge I have gained from our sessions. I was feeling like an "undead among the dead, just waiting for my time to die completely too", but in this workshop I saw so much life that I began to face mine in another way. Please continue to reach people because you touch the lives of some in a way that you might not even imagine.


- Tamires A., freedom workshop

“The most important thing about the coaching was to learn a different way to think and rationalize my issues. With Cristina’s help, I started to look at them from a different and optimized perspective, and learning how to do that was crucial for me to find a solution for my goal. I feel like I’m a new person! Being able to devise a plan and define milestones and goals to achieve it is liberating!


- Tamara K., private coaching

“The coaching process was extremely important for me to decide to apply for the college degree of my dreams. This choice changed my life in many levels and I’m very grateful for having had this opportunity. I’d recommend Cris’ coaching for anyone who is not too sure about how to organize their own life and needs help to find the way. The process was wonderful and opened me some doors. Thanks for casting a light and giving me the opportunity to know myself better, I didn’t know much about myself until now. Coaching helped me better understand my fears and limitations and gave me strength and courage to undertake what frightened me most, my artistic career. Today I’m an undergraduate student, have several projects and have a different perspective on the acting profession.”


- Julie R., private coaching & personal branding workshop

“Cris’ coaching had a significant impact in some personal questions I had where I was kind of stuck. As my dream is to live abroad and I wasn’t finding options to finance it, her coaching opened my mind to new possibilities, as well as a more productive maintenance of my travel plan. Now I know where I can focus my efforts to be able to achieve my greatest goal. I’m sure that it was an unprecedented personal experience”.


- Bruno J., private coaching

“Cris helped me a lot with my self-knowledge, I feel completely different from how I was a month ago, I feel lighter, more confident, more focused and more grounded than before. I recommend Cris to all the people who need help dealing with anxiety, seeking focus and self-knowledge. Thank you very much for your professionalism. During my sessions with Cris, I was able to work on my focus, my spirituality and how to deal with my "stage fright" and the cameras. It was everything I expected, she was an excellent professional, she is wonderful! She was able to give me a lot of self-confidence and focus, she was very motivating and clarifying. The personal development I achieved is something I’m gonna carry for life”.


- Nandiela C., private coaching

Claim your freedom back you too!


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Life is too short to be the fake you.
You only have one life, MAKE IT COUNT! They worked with me and they did it!
Claim your freedom back you too!
Life is too short to be the fake you.
You only have one life, MAKE IT COUNT! They worked with me and they did it!
Claim your freedom back you too!
Life is too short to be the fake you.
You only have one life, MAKE IT COUNT! They worked with me and they did it! Claim your freedom back you too!